Interface Reports in Applied Epic

Interface Reports in Applied Epic

In our latest installment of our Applied Epic Reports series, we will review the Interface Reports. Interface Reports can be used in conjunction with your Communications Log or independently. Reports are available for Automated Download Invoices (ADI), Claims, Direct Bill Commission Download (DBCB), eDocs and Policies. The Communications Log is a consolidation of all these reports and will include all lines and products that download. For large agencies or agencies that download with many carriers the Communication Log can become quite lengthy and hard to work with.

Before we look at the reports in each category, know that within each download product type there is an error report. The error reports will tell you when a download was sent by a carrier in which a data field is not accepted by Epic. It is our suggestion to contact Applied anytime you find these in your reports. They will work with IVANS and Carrier partners if necessary to identify what the error was, correct it, and get the item resent. Now, let’s look how some of these other reports available.


The Claims received report enables the download administrator or processor to choose criteria relevant to the claims they would like to see. Criteria could be claims received on a certain account, assigned to a particular team member, or all claims received within a specific timeframe. Perhaps there is a natural disaster, and the agency is attempting to reach out to clients who have suffered a loss. The agency could use this report to find all clients who reported a claim within the event date(s) for a follow-up.

DBCD Reports

In additional the error report there are two other reports available to DBCD. The first is the Information Received report. This report will show DBCD received for suspended statements. Criteria can include date rate, specific transactions, carrier, and client among many others. The second report is the DBCD Received report. This report shows you which commissions were received within the specific session date(s).


Criteria available for the eDocs received report Policy type, eDoc & Message type, and Policy type. Let’s say for example, your agency utilizes account service assistants for processing. The agency would like to have ‘Employee A’ pull a policy checklist for all policies received on commercial accounts beginning with A-L, ‘Employee B’ will be responsible for commercial accounts beginning with M-Z and ‘Employee C’ will handle all Personal Lines clients. You could set up a report that either generates daily or sent to each employee QuickView Reports, which reports which policies were downloaded within their alpha split.


There are 3 reports available for policies besides the error report. The first is Policies Exception report. This report specifically shows how many downloads were received within the criteria chosen that exceeds the agencies predetermined threshold for premium increase. This report could be useful in circumstances when the agency is seen an uptick in lost business. You suspect that a particular carrier is passing on large rate increases with little notice. Running this report will enable you to pinpoint a particular carrier or even a specific line of business. The second is Policies Information. This report is going to tell you if an issuing/billing company or commission agreement has been updated due to download. The third is the Policies Received report. This report is the most widely used report. Criteria for this report could include structure, servicing, policy type and transaction type among many others.


The reports found under the Interface tab would be helpful for anyone who manages download including your servicing staff. These reports enable your agency to set up reports for processors, so they only see their responsibility as well as research special circumstances within a date or carrier concern. We also recommend reviewing our previous articles about Account Reports, Activity Reports and General Ledger Reports. If you have questions regarding use of any of these reports or are interested in any of our other Agency Consulting Services, contact us today!

Laura Whaley

Laura Whaley

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