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Microsoft 365 Consulting

When you’re in the cloud, you’re nimble. Your IT is scalable, and you can quickly shift to successfully meet unforeseen situations. Moving to the cloud is a long-term investment. It requires intentional, strategic planning and trusted solutions like Microsoft 365. When we migrate independent insurance agencies, professional organizations, nonprofits and other businesses throughout the U.S., we take a consultative approach. Our clients are active participants. We work together to design cloud solutions tailored to how their business operates.


To fully leverage Microsoft 365, you want to have as much of your data and applications on the platform as possible. Applications are intertwined, and when everything is up, you get the fullest extent of the productivity and collaboration benefits Microsoft 365 offers.


Applications streamline workflows and collaboration

Many aspects of work, like how you use Word or Excel, will remain the same once you’re on Microsoft 365. But, how you access data changes. You’ll use OneDrive for end-user documents. In SharePoint, you’ll store shared company documents and can create a company intranet. Teams will become your centralized communication hub. You can hold meetings, chat with groups or individuals, work on documents, place phone calls or host video conference calls. Teams can replace your traditional phone system too, removing the need for traditional office phones and providing a solution for remote workers.


Remote access improves data accessibility

Increasingly, your workforce is distributed geographically, but everyone is accessing data located in a central place. Virtual access to data through the cloud guarantees a team member working in Baltimore can seamlessly collaborate with a colleague in New York City. We set up your IT systems so everyone has access to data such as email, the line-of-business applications and agency management system where you store client information and your internal resources.


Experience engaging and productive virtual connections

The cloud enables everything to go digital including meetings. Conference calls and video chats can be as productive as your daily stand up meetings or monthly one-on-ones if you have the right approach. In consultations or strategic planning sessions, we show you how to turn your virtual spaces into a meeting center that’s productive and collaborative.

Ways we support you


Understand your true business goals

When you approach us seeking strategic advice, or wanting to implement a new project, we ask questions. We uncover the services required to help you reach your goals by listening to your answers and working together to move your business forward.


Implement your roadmaop & create secure solutions

The starting point for your roadmap will depend on where you are in your journey to the cloud and Microsoft 365. If your email and applications are hosted in Microsoft 365, we start there. Because OneDrive and SharePoint work well together and underpin file sharing in Teams, we set them up simultaneously. To secure documents in the cloud, we’ll recommend and set up proper security & compliance controls such as data encryption.


Ongoing strategic support and employee training

Moving to Microsoft 365 is not the same as having a backup plan. We’ll help you understand what rules Microsoft has in place regarding backup, retention and deleted items. Then, we’ll re-evaluate your current backup and disaster recovery plan and help you update it for the cloud. If you don’t have a plan, we’ll work with you to create one. The migration also introduces new systems and ways of working. To ease the transition for your team, we offer videos, documentation, webinars and expert-led training sessions. Through training, we’re able to help you maximize the tools in Microsoft 365 based on how you work.

How We Help You Accomplish Your Goals

Microsoft 365 consulting engagements

Your move to the cloud and Microsoft 365 is a long-term investment and requires intentional, strategic planning.

As Microsoft continues to expand the features and services included in its Microsoft 365 subscriptions, we find customers are missing out on leveraging these features to drive value to their business. It’s our mission and purpose to help your business realize that value and to grow your bottom line by taking advantage of the functionality available to you.

Your Kite Technology team will be with you every step of the way. Here are some of the ways we can help:

Adoption & Training Strategy and Execution

Create a plan to help your business get better engagement and use of your Microsoft 365 products.

Data Goverance & Complicance

Ongoing management and tracking of data and how it’s used and protected in your environment.

Data Migrations

Assistance in migrations to Microsoft 365 including but not limited to local files, email, and internal webpages.

Device Management

Connect your devices to Azure Active Directory and manage the ongoing needs of your endpoints.

Microsoft Teams Adoption

Manage and leverage all the tools inside of Teams to improve communication and collaboration.

Microsoft Business Voice

We can help you in deployment of a full-featured cloud-based telephone system that you can access from any device.

Multi-Factor Authentication Deployments

Improve your organization's security by rolling out MFA on all company-managed devices.

Cloud Productivity

Leverage the capabilities of Teams, SharePoint, Stream, Forms, Lists & Power Automate to drive productivity.

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adam atwell

Adam Atwell

Cloud solutions architect

Adam is passionate about consulting with organizations across the country to help them develop and execute a cloud adoption strategy that meets their business needs and future objectives. Adam oversees and manages our company strategy for Microsoft 365 adoption and is responsible for future growth and development inside Microsoft 365 and other cloud technologies.