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Training your agency’s new employees to use AMS360 and ImageRight effectively can be a time-consuming and overwhelming process for both you and your new hires. However, effective employee training is critical in ensuring a successful and efficient onboarding experience, and can significantly impact your new employees’ confidence and their relationship with your agency.

At Kite Technology Group, we offer comprehensive AMS360 and ImageRight user training that enables your employees to quickly learn the ropes so they can feel confident and capable in their roles. Our training is customized based on each employee’s current level of experience with AMS360 and on the skills they’ll need to have based on their specific role within the agency.

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To ensure effective training, we begin by creating a customized list of AMS360 and ImageRight tasks based on the employee’s role and responsibilities. We then consult with their manager to identify the top priorities to be covered in the first 60 days and tailor the sessions accordingly.


Our training sessions are tailored to your agency’s specific needs by gathering information on your agency’s procedures and standards before we get started. If a procedures manual is not available, we ask targeted questions to help us create a customized training plan that aligns with your agency’s unique workflows and industry best practices.


We cater our training approach based on the employee’s familiarity with AMS360 and ImageRight:

  • If they are a prior AMS360 and/or ImageRight user, we would focus on the “highlights” and fine-tune the topics according to the agency’s process. This approach results in less time spent on training.
  • For those familiar with agency operations but new to AMS360 or ImageRight, we will provide in-depth training sessions that cover a wide range of topics. This comprehensive approach may require more time, but will ensure that new employees are equipped with the skills they need to use the system effectively.
  • For those completely new to agency operations, we offer a gradual crawl-walk-sprint-marathon approach to help them become completely comfortable in process and procedure over time. We start with mid-level introduction to certain features and workflows to get them “crawling”. Then we move on to a deeper dive into their tasks in the “walk” level after a few weeks. The “sprint” level comes a few more weeks down the road with even deeper workflows, and the “marathon” level takes many months, perhaps a year, to achieve complete comfort with the process and procedure.


For certain workflows, we offer written handouts that provide detail of the steps we cover during training. This way, new employees can reference the material and refresh their knowledge as needed, ensuring a smooth transition to using AMS360 and ImageRight effectively.



Empower your employees to excel in their roles with training tailored to their skills and positions!

At Kite Technology, we understand that transitioning to a new role or department/team within your agency can be challenging and require additional skills in AMS360 and/or ImageRight. To help you excel in your new position, we start by conducting a thorough assessment of your current AMS360 and ImageRight skill set. This evaluation enables us to compare your existing abilities with the skills required for your new role.

To make the assessment process as accurate and comfortable as possible, we’ll have you perform a task and record the process. While live evaluations with a trainer are an option, we recognize that it can sometimes cause nervousness and lead to errors. That’s why we provide a more flexible approach to assessing your skills.

Using the gathered information, we develop a tailored list of AMS360 and ImageRight tasks that you’ll either need to learn from scratch or refresh your knowledge on. The time commitment for this customized training depends on the number of tasks identified.

With our comprehensive and customized approach to skill development, we aim to help you transition smoothly and succeed in your new role. Let us guide you through this exciting phase in your career!


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