Support your internal IT team and maximize business preformance with Kite Technology’s Supplemental IT Support


Supporting the complex technology and security demands of today’s workplace is becoming increasingly difficult for many businesses. Internal IT staff are often overextended, lack the bandwidth to keep up with everything they need to do, and may lack the breadth of skills required to be strategic and proactive. Kite Technology’s Partner IT Services were developed with the desire to help internal IT departments be more successful. Our services are designed specifically for organizations that want to scale their businesses, fill in gaps or expand their internal IT teams’ capabilities without the hassle of adding additional employees.

When you partner with Kite Technology you gain a trusted advisor with 30 years’ experience serving the technology needs of businesses across the country. We collaborate with you to understand your business objectives, needs, and budget. Then, we position ourselves where you need us most and where we see the best opportunities for your success. We become a responsive, dependable, and proactive member of your team, allowing you to experience the best of both worlds – the convenience of an internal IT team with the support and comprehensive knowledge of a managed IT service provider.


Augment your internal IT team’s work with KiteTech’s Partner IT services. Expand control over your own infrastructure, with monitoring and help-desk tools that streamline your IT team’s efforts and keep their attention on the things that matter most.

Focus on Your Most Important Priorities

Take advantage of our 24/7/365 monitoring tools and back-end support to keep your internal team focused on more important tasks.

Leverage Best-in-Class IT Management Tools

Manage your service requests more effectively and gain valuable visibility of your processes with access to our Help Desk ticketing system and portal.

Cover IT Staffing Gaps with Live Help Desk Support

Utilize our live help desk support and escalation services when you are short-staffed, enjoying vacation, or just working on other tasks.

Take Advantage of KiteTech’s Collective IT Expertise

Access KiteTech's extensive IT expertise for strategic planning, adopting new technologies and troubleshooting challenging issues.

Improve Your Security Posture and Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Secure your business and stay in compliance with state and industry regulations with our suite of security services and tools.

Tailor Services to Meet Your Organizations’ Changing Needs

Easily expand the KiteTech services you are receiving or engage consulting expertise for future strategic initiatives.

Empower Your Internal IT Team

KiteTech’s Partner IT services gives your business the unique opportunity to pair the convenience and extensive expertise of Kite Technology’s IT Services with your own in-house specialists to optimize efficiency and drive your business performance. 

We support and augment your internal IT team by providing years of IT expertise, a proven technology stack, strategic planning, state-of-the-art tools, live help desk support and other resources. 

IT co-management is an opportunity to create a partnership that supplements, enhances and supports your existing IT team helping your business experience superior performance and results.  

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Solve Your Organization’s IT Challenges

Technology is critical to your company’s success, but does your technology get the attention it deserves? If your in-house IT team is overburdened with managing daily operations, providing user support or handing new projects they may find it difficult to keep up. Strategic planning, upgrades, monitoring and systems tests are all items that can be left unchecked when your current team is overextended.

To maintain high preformace, your business needs:

scalable IT infrastructure

A scalable IT infrastructure that allows you to work from anywhere, seamlessly adopt new technology, easily add new users, and stay on top of the latest updates and upgrades.

Managed security solutions

Managed security solutions and ongoing monitoring to ensure your network and data are always safe and you maintain compliance with constantly changing state and industry security regulations.

Experienced help desk services

Experienced help desk services and troubleshooting support that your employees can access on-demand and after-hours to maintain productivity and serve your clients better.

trusted technology advisor

A trusted technology advisor with extensive experience to help you develop and deploy a strategic technology plan that aligns with your future business objectives and goals.

proven technology stack

A proven technology stack that provides a superior user-experience while maximizing your business performance and security.

customizable, co-managed IT solutions

Accomplishing all of the above can be a challenge for businesses with a single IT staff member or small IT team. That’s where Partner IT Services from Kite Technology come in. These services give your business the opportunity to blend your internal IT team with the support, knowledge and expertise of the entire Kite Technology team. Our customizable, co-managed IT solution gives your organization the ability to decide which services to keep in-house and which would be better suited for outsourcing to us. The idea is to create a partnership where Kite Technology can support, enhance, and supplement your existing IT team.

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Adam Atwell

Cloud solutions architect

Adam is passionate about consulting with organizations across the country to help them develop and execute a cloud adoption strategy that meets their business needs and future objectives. Adam oversees and manages our company strategy for Microsoft 365 adoption and is responsible for future growth and development inside Microsoft 365 and other cloud technologies.