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At Kite, we believe audits are a powerful tool for insurance agencies. Through an audit, you align company goals and workflows, keep data clean, provide training opportunities and establish performance benchmarks. But many agencies don’t have the time or resources to regularly conduct audits. To remedy this and help agencies unlock the potential audits offer, we’ve developed a customizable service.



We don’t have a single, specific audit form and what we offer entails more than a quick policy check. Why you’re seeking an audit and what you want to accomplish are unique to your agency. From improving data accuracy to workflow development, or Applied Epic optimization, we’ll tailor an audit to fit your goals.

You’ll Work with Our In-House Team

Auditing is more than following a form or process. Our expert Applied Epic consultants learn your procedures and what’s important to you. We take the time to understand who your agency is, what you need and what you’re looking for before we start an audit.

Uncover Opportunities and Solve Problems

Whenever there is a change in workflows or you add employees, you have an opportunity to ensure security & compliance, further develop your team’s skills and make your agency more efficient. Use the results from an audit to sharpen your focus and point to how you can improve. Similarly, if a process is constantly breaking down, an audit will help you uncover the problem and determine how to resolve the issue.

Fulfill Requests by E&O Carriers

Independent insurance agencies frequently approach us for help with Errors & Omissions audits. We bring the same tailored approach and dive into their procedures. By working with us, the agencies simplify the process, prove compliance and benefit from the insights thorough audits provide.

We Can Show You How to Conduct an Audit

For clients who have the resources to internally carry out audits, we provide training. We go through the steps, explain what needs to be done and help create processes our client can follow.


Audits allow management the ability to gauge their efficiency and evaluate their staff’s performance using specific and relevant metrics. Conducting an audit will reveal gaps in compliance with agency procedures and subsequently identify areas for process improvement.

Clients who use Kite Technology’s auditing services:

  • Improve report accuracy
  • Prevent Errors and Omissions
  • Take full advantage of Applied Epic
  • Establish benchmarks for performance
  • Identify weaknesses and develop employee training opportunities
  • Analyze and balance employee workloads
  • Develop metrics for performance reviews and compensation
  • Standardize processes

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Complimentary Consultation

Kickstart your auditing process with a complimentary consultation. During the meeting, we’ll learn about your agency, problems you’re facing and your objectives. 

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