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Applied epic accounting:
Exclusive Small Group Virtual Consultations

With Lauren Roberts and Buffy Johnson
Kite Technology Group

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Leverage the Full Power of Accounting in Applied Epic with our Exclusive Small Group Virtual Consultations!

The Kite Technology Agency Consulting team is thrilled to offer you the opportunity to join us for one of our exclusive small group consultations focusing on Applied Epic accounting. We understand that managing accounting processes within Applied Epic can be complex, but it is crucial for accurate financial reporting and operational efficiency.

During these small group consultations, we will dive into the specific challenges and opportunities you face in accounting within Applied Epic. Together, we will explore best practices, share valuable strategies, and provide practical guidance to streamline your accounting workflows, maximize accuracy, and optimize financial management. Whether you are seeking to enhance your understanding of account setup, improve reconciliation processes, or leverage advanced accounting features, this consultation is designed to empower you with the knowledge needed to excel in Applied Epic accounting. 

Kite Technology’s Director of Agency Consulting Lauren Roberts along with Agency Consultant Buffy Johnson will share expert guidance on Applied Epic’s accounting capabilities. Join us and learn how to transform your accounting practices and unlock the full potential of Applied Epic for your organization’s financial success.



The goal for these sessions is to create a highly engaging and collaborative small group learning environment, where you can hear from others in your industry on their experiences, challenges, and best practices related to accounting in Applied Epic. 

Session Duration: 90 minutes

Cost: $175 per person

Spots Available per Session: Limited to 20 attendees per session

Level: Basic – Intermediate


  • Already using Applied Epic Accounting
  • Basic knowledge of day-to-day accounting tasks
  • Basic knowledge of reconciling direct bill and agency bill
  • General understanding of producer/broker commissions

Discussion topics will include:

  • Accounting methods
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Receipts and disbursements
  • Direct bill and agency bill reconciliations
  • Journal entries
  • Commission agreements
  • Month-end financial reports
  • Status of Accounts analysis

Meet the Presenters

lauren tripp

Lauren Roberts
Director of Agency Consulting


Buffy Johnson
Agency Consultant

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