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Applied Epic Spring Cleaning –
Correcting Company and Broker Configuration and Data

Session Length: 1 hour

The webinar recording is now available. 

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Learn how to get started cleaning up your Company and Broker data and configuration in Applied Epic!

In our work helping agencies utilize Applied Epic more effectively, we often find a significant number of errors associated with company and broker configuration and data in Epic. Ensuring that this information is correct provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Preventing inaccurate accounting, which can cause serious financial mistakes.
  • Improving the accuracy of your data and reports, which can help you make better decisions.
  • Ensuring that your policies reflect the correct carrier information, which is essential for efficiency and good customer service.
  • Providing more precise identification of the volume associated with a company or broker on your Book of Business reports, which can help you better understand your business.

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Watch this webinar with the Agency Consulting team and get started on some Applied Epic spring cleaning! We’ll cover how to correct and maintain accurate company and broker data in Applied Epic. This will help your agency operate more efficiently, reduce the risk of errors, and help you make more informed business decisions.

Audience: Operations, Managers, and Accounting Staff

Here's what we covered in the webinar:

  • Defining Premium Payable Entities (PPE) vs. Issuing Companies (ICO)
  • Entering Company and Broker accounts correctly
  • Configuring commission agreements
  • Correcting configuration in Interface
  • Cleaning up GL sub-accounts


Meet our Agency Consulting Team

lauren tripp

Lauren Roberts
Director of Agency Consulting

Kellie Halfpap

Kellie Halfpap
Agency Consultant

Jenny Honican

Jenny Honican
Agency Consultant

Laura Whaley

Laura Whaley
Agency Consultant


Buffy Johnson
Agency Consultant

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