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Office 365 is a comprehensive environment that your agency can use to communicate, collaborate, and conduct business from anywhere, including your home. But getting the most from this powerful set of tools requires a strategic plan and thoughtful consideration. Join Kite Technology’s Lauren Tripp, Senior Agency Consultant and Adam Atwell, Director of Professional Services for a lively discussion on how agencies today can utilize Office 365 to improve the efficiency and security of their internal operations, maximize collaboration and prepare for future growth.

In this informative session, we’ll cover:
  • An overview of how Office 365 fits into your cloud adoption strategy
  • What successful Office 365 deployment looks like
  • Key decisions and considerations for Office 365 implementation
  • How to improve collaboration and document management
  • Office 365’s scalability for future growth

Meet the Presenters

adam atwell

Adam Atwell
Director- Professional Services

As Director of Professional Services at Kite Technology, Adam is passionate about consulting with organizations across the country to help them develop and execute an infrastructure strategy that meets their business technology needs and future objectives. Additionally, Adam oversees and manages the planning and implementation of all client projects related to onboarding, hardware and software upgrades and cloud adoption.

lauren tripp

Lauren Tripp
Senior Agency Consultant

As Senior Agency Consultant at Kite Technology, Lauren leads projects for Applied Epic Optimization, provides employee training and workflow development, performs data and procedural audits, and assists with Applied Epic Migrations. In addition, Lauren shares her knowledge of Epic by actively presenting at national and regional Applied Client Network meetings throughout the year.

adam atwell

Adam Atwell

Cloud solutions architect

Adam is passionate about consulting with organizations across the country to help them develop and execute a cloud adoption strategy that meets their business needs and future objectives. Adam oversees and manages our company strategy for Microsoft 365 adoption and is responsible for future growth and development inside Microsoft 365 and other cloud technologies.