7 Qualities of a Superior IT Help Desk

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When selecting an IT service provider there’s a lot to consider.  You want to trust your business to an IT company that can keep your data secure.  You value a technology partner who stays current on technology trends and can advise you on tools and services that can help you succeed.  And you should expect a service provider that is proactive to minimize downtime and issues that prevent your employees from being productive. But time and again, one factor seems to rise to the top when we talk to business owners planning to switch IT providers.  They complain that their current provider drops the ball when they or their employees are in need of urgent assistance. This is usually the result of an ineffective IT Help Desk which is one of the most vital services that you receive when you outsource your IT

In this article, we are going to explore the seven qualities that differentiate companies with a superior IT help desk from all the rest.  Whether you are currently looking to switch providers or simply wish to evaluate your current provider, this article can serve as a valuable resource to help you make the right decision for your business and ensure that the help desk services you receive are top notch.

1. Superior Help Desks Have Technicians that Answer the Phone

It’s been said that the greatest ability is availability. This adage is certainly true when it comes to an IT Help Desk.  When you need help, you probably need it now. So your IT support needs to answer the phone when you call and respond to your emails promptly when you submit a ticket.

At KiteTech,  we make it a goal to answer the phone in less than one minute. And in the vast majority of cases we answer it with a technician ready and able to troubleshoot your problem.  We accomplish that goal on over 75% of client phone calls and are continuously tuning our process to improve our performance.

2. Technicians Care Personally for the Person they are Helping

There’s a bothersome stereotype that computer techs don’t have people skills.  Consequently, it’s not unusual for some people to dread calling the Help Desk. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You have the right to expect more than someone who is polite and respectful.  You should expect to interact with a technician who really cares about you and is eager to help solve your problem and get you back to work.

At KiteTech, our technicians refute the stereotype and lean into every client conversation to deliver an extraordinary client experience. They set the caller at ease by really listening to their concern and empathizing with the situation. Our core values or what we call Our Flight Plan defines exactly what we expect from not only our help desk technicians but every KiteTech employee.

3. They Have Expertise in Your Industry

Of course, a charming personality can only get a computer tech so far.  If they don’t know your technology and can’t fix your problem, you’re still out of luck.  It certainly helps if your IT Help Desk specializes in companies like yours. That way, they can understand the urgency of the problem, as well as, the nuances of the systems and applications that are most important to you.

Whether you run an insurance agency, a construction company, a non profit, or another professional services business, our techs at Kite Technology Group pride themselves in really understanding your technology so that they can address your issue promptly.

4. Service Level Agreements Drive Performance

High quality IT Help Desks hold themselves to exacting standards when it comes to quickly resolving problems. In any mature customer service business, there is the concept of service level agreements; SLA’s for short.  An SLA specifies the speed at which a problem must be responded to and ultimately resolved.  Mature companies hold themselves to high standards for responsiveness.

At KiteTech we rigorously review our Help Desk metrics as a part of our continual process of improvement. 

5. Rigorous Escalation Process Ensures a Timely Solution

In order to ensure experts are working on your problem and SLA’s are met, it is sometimes necessary to escalate the request   It’s a catch-22, because caring techs often want to finish what they start.  But quality techs need to have the discipline to recognize when time is running out and they need to escalate a ticket in the best interest of the client. 

At KiteTech, their caring attitude means that most techs don’t want to give up in finding a solution to a help desk problem.  But they do it, occasionally grudgingly, for the benefit of the client.

6. They Don't Pass the Buck

Does this scenario sound familiar? You have a problem with your phone system, your computer, or your copier.  You call the IT Help desk and they refer you to the hardware vendor, software provider, or your ISP.  When you call the vendor they say the problem is not theirs and recommend you call your IT Help Desk.  And ‘round, and ‘round, and ‘round you go! 

Superior Help Desks own the problem until it is resolved.  They intercede on your behalf so that you are not stuck in between multiple providers that are pointing their finger at one another.  At KiteTech, we “speak the language” of these other providers and perform vendor liaison on behalf of our clients so that you aren’t caught in the middle.

7. Constantly Improve by Soliciting Client Feedback

And, finally, superior help desks crave feedback.  By getting constructive comments from clients, they are able to continuously sharpen their processes and improve their performance.  Feedback through a controlled, consistent process allows IT service providers to see trends in their help desk execution and compare their results to other IT help desks to see how they stack up.

At KiteTech, we invite clients to tell us how we did after every completed help desk request.  The requester can simply click on a green smiley face, a yellow “neutral” face or a red sad face to review their service experience.  If they choose, they may also add a comment.  In the last four years, we have received over 20,000 reviews from clients.   And 98% of these reviews have rated us with the green smiley face!  We are also proud to have a 5-star Google Review rating.  Our techs are appreciative and encouraged by the positive feedback, but they also greatly value the constructive ratings that help us to improve. As leaders, we take pride in the fact that our client satisfaction rating (CSAT) consistently places us at the top of the leaderboard when compared to our peers. 

Put KiteTech's Help Desk to the Test

If you are considering a new IT service provider, wouldn’t it be nice if you could actually know firsthand what to expect? When it comes to the responsiveness and friendliness of KiteTech’s help desk, you can! Although our Help Desk Services are reserved for clients only, we’d like to offer you a complimentary one-hour appointment for one of our technicians to help you with a technology issue of your choice. This provides you the opportunity to not only get some help but also note how friendly and competent our technicians are.  And when you meet with them, ask them anything that helps you gauge their grasp of the 7 qualities of a superior help desk. After you are finished working with our technician, they will be happy to put you in contact with one of our sales consultants to further explore whether KiteTech is a good fit for you. 

To take advantage of this complimentary Help Desk support opportunity please use the Contact Us form to send us a message. A member of our team will reach out to you promptly to schedule your appointment.

Greg DiDio, CEO, Kite Technology Group

Greg DiDio is the CEO of Kite Technology Group.  KiteTech provides Managed IT Services and Consulting to professional organizations and independent insurance agencies across the country.  KiteTech is proud to have earned the CompTIA Security Trustmark +, certifying that KiteTech meets or exceeds security best practices.