Why you Should Always Install Microsoft Updates

update installing on a laptop

We’ve all been there. You sit down at your computer to get some work done when you receive a notification alerting you that Microsoft updates need to be installed. You think to yourself- “Didn’t we just do this 2 weeks ago?” So you hit Later and get started on your work.  

If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. We find that lots of people tend to put off or completely ignore Microsoft updates. Usually, the reasons fall into one of these categories: 

  1. Too Busy- I just turned on my device to get work done and don’t have time to do this now. I tell myself I’ll do it later when I’m not so busy. The problem is that I’m always busy!
  2. Not Needed- I don’t think I need that update; the system is working just fine. 
  3. Too Soon- I just did an update last week, so I question the necessity of installing another update so soon.

Can you relate?

The Bottom Line - Don't Ignore Microsoft Updates!

Microsoft updates should always be installed promptly. As inconvenient as they feel, Microsoft updates help shield you from hackers looking to exploit vulnerabilities they uncover in the Microsoft operating system. There is a great deal of personal and business data that can be compromised if a hacker gains access to your files. They could steal personal information like bank login credentials, personal pictures, as well as keystrokes to local and online accounts. They could also gain access to business files that include client and financial data, putting your business and clients at significant risk.

Businesses today, no matter the industry or size, are constantly being targeted by cybercriminals. Just a quick search will provide numerous statistics to scare even the most daredevil of a business owner. But don’t take my word for it. I would suggest searching “Hacking Statistics 2020” in your favorite browser just to get a snapshot of how Cyber Crime is an ever-increasing, growing threat. Many businesses falsely believe that they are not big enough or important enough to be a target. Cybercriminals are glad they think that way and are eager to take advantage of any opportunity they find.

Security reasons aside, installing your Microsoft Updates also ensures that you’ll have access to the latest and greatest features developed with your productivity in mind.

Additional Cybersecurity Considerations

Being diligent about installing your Microsoft updates is just one layer in the complete cocoon of safety we need to wrap ourselves in to protect our data. Some additional steps you can take to protect yourself and your business from cybercrime include:

1. Use MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) wherever possible. MFA adds an extra layer of security by requiring you to verify your identity via SMS, phone call, or an app.  

2. Regularly update all applications that you use on your various devices like tablets and cell phones. These updates add valuable security features, enable your device to operate better, and give you access to new and improved functionality. Microsoft Office is an example of applications that will prompt you to update.

3. Do not open or click on unexpected emails or texts. Criminals will often hack email accounts and then use the victim’s account to send phishing emails to their acquaintances and friends. The intention is to trick the recipients to click on links or open attachments that will infect their system and compromise their data.

How a Managed IT Service Provider can Help

If your business is working with a Managed IT Service Provider or you have an internal IT department, it is likely that they can or already have automated the Microsoft update process for you. For example, here at KiteTech, we manage all Microsoft updates for our clients. To ensure this happens seamlessly, we recommend that each day users save the documents they were working on and log off or reboot their computer, leaving it powered on. We install updates overnight and reboot covered devices automatically to ensure they are secure. Users can then get right back to work the next day without delay. If you’re not working with an IT Provider, I would urge you to take the time and always install Microsoft updates promptly to protect yourself.

I hope you have found the information I shared today helpful and are convinced of the importance of installing Microsoft updates. Be sure to check out my article next month on what you need to know before purchasing business-class device warranties. If you have questions about KiteTech’s IT services and would like to learn how we can help your business operate more effectively, please contact us.

Tom Brooks

Tom Brooks is the VP of Business Development at Kite Technology Group.  KiteTech provides Managed IT Services and Consulting to professional organizations and independent insurance agencies across the country.  KiteTech is proud to be to have earned the CompTIA Security Trustmark, certifying that KiteTech meets or exceeds security best practices.