Why Should I Switch to the Applied Epic Browser?

Insurance agent using Applied Epic Browser

There is a lot more dialogue happening about the Applied Epic Browser compared to the Applied Epic Desktop. You may be asking yourself, “Why should I switch?” You may have heard others on your team stating, “I tried it and I didn’t like it” and give you a list of reasons why they didn’t prefer it to Epic Desktop.

Well, I can say confidently that they haven’t tried Epic Browser recently or they didn’t work in it for long enough.

Just like anything new, it takes a little time to get used to it. But I will promise you the benefits of Applied Epic Browser will outweigh a small amount of discomfort you might feel at the onset while learning to maneuver through the new and improved Applied Epic.

I want to share just a few of those areas that you may not have been aware of that are available to you if you were to start using the browser.

Updates for Epic Browser Don't Interrupt Your Workflow

I’m sure you have heard this over and over, but this truly is a significant change. Updates to Epic Browser are done more often and are almost seamlessly applied.

Previously, updates were done in large chunks and took an extensive amount of time to review and prepare for the multitude of changes that would be happening at once. It had the potential of interrupting your workflow and create frustration.

Now, updates are done more often and changes are minimal, making it much easier for you to review and prepare for changes.

Simplicity Added for Viewing Documents

Don’t even get me started about the great things regarding attachments! What, I can look at a document without even opening it? No way! Yes way! 

In Epic Browser, you can view a document in attachments without even opening it, saving you precious time. 


A New Resource Center is Available

I haven’t even gotten to the best part yet. They have added a Resource Center that you won’t believe. There are overviews for things such as Navigating Epic, Learning Epic, and Accounting features.

In the Resource Center, you will also find Step-by-Step tutorials. What are those, you ask? These tutorials will walk you through a process while you are in your own client’s account. You no longer need to follow a printed document or watch a video and write down the process and hope you got everything.

Tutorials walk you through the entire process while you are doing the actual transaction! (Drop the mic) Of course, it still also has all of the other previous areas that you went to through the “help” link. It is just a lot easier and broken down for easier access.


Make the Jump to the Applied Epic Browser

I could continue with even more reasons why you should switch to the Applied Epic Browser, but these three were some of the biggest stand-out items for my team.

We here at Kite Technology Group have been utilizing the Epic Browser for months and have seen nothing but value, and we hope you will too. 

We are here to help you if you do have questions or need assistance with Applied Epic. Feel free to schedule a time for us to talk about Applied Epic Browser or any of your Applied Epic questions. You can also check out our Applied Epic Resources page to find insightful webinars and other helpful resources. 

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