What’s New with Applied Epic 2020?

Handwriting text New Release. Concept meaning announcing something newsworthy recent product.

With the new release of Applied Epic 2020 coming your way soon, there are a multitude of new features and improvements that will better optimize your performance and make daily navigation through Applied Epic more seamless and efficient. Here are just a few features you can expect with the new update:

1. Contact clients directly from your home screen

Contact Name and Contact Via will now be Select Columns options, which populate contact information associated with an Activity or Opportunity. If a client’s preferred method of contact is Email or SMS a hyperlink will show up in that column, which you can click on and get in touch with that client all from your Home Screen.

2. Apply address changes to multiple areas of a client’s account

Another great feature with the new release will be the ability to apply address changes to multiple areas of a client’s account. A new Apply Address to Other Items button will now be an option on the client and contact detail screens, allowing you to copy an address over to different areas of an account. This will come with a new system event – @ADC – as well as an Excel Spreadsheet that will attach to the client account so you can track and confirm these changes.

3. Improved protection of client credit card information

With data security being of utmost importance now more than ever, Applied Epic is making sure client information is even more protected by removing the ability to enter or store credit card information. This will include all credit card information previously stored and payment authorization screens in policy application detail will no longer show this data.

These are some of the many great updates and additions that will be a part of the 2020 release – be sure to check back with us next month for more highlights and tips that will better improve your agency’s productivity and performance within Applied Epic.