Tech Tips: Slack Shortcuts


The modern workforce depends on collaboration, which is one reason why solutions like Slack have taken off in recent years. Another reason for this is that it’s very user-friendly with many shortcuts built right into the interface. Here are just a few of these shortcuts that can save your business time during the workday.

Navigating Slack

Open direct messages menu – Ctrl +Shift + K

Browse all channels – Ctrl + Shift + L

Previous (unread) channel or direct message – Alt (+ Shift) + Up Arrow

Next (unread) channel or direct message – Alt (+ Shift) + Down Arrow

Access the Quick Switcher – Ctrl + K

Switch to previous workspace – Ctrl + Shift + Tab

Switch to the next workspace – Ctrl + Tab

Return to the previous channel – Alt + Left Arrow

Marking Up Your Messages

Mark all messages in current channel or direct message as read – Esc

Mark all messages as read – Shift + Esc

Mark a message as unread – Alt + Click

Creating Messages

Edit your last message – Up Arrow in empty message field (this shortcut changes to Ctrl + Up Arrow if Use up and down arrows to cycle through your typed history is enabled)

Bold selected text – Ctrl + B

Italicize selected text – Ctrl + I

Strikethrough selected text – Ctrl + Shift + X

Quote selected text – Ctrl + Shift + >

Convert selected text into a numbered list – Ctrl + Shift + 7

Convert selected text into a bulleted list – Ctrl + Shift + 8

Viewing All Keyboard Shortcuts in Slack

For a complete list of shortcuts in Slack, press Ctrl + /.