Onboarding New Employees in Your Insurance Agency with AMS360

Author: Monica Trevino, AMS360 Consultant

Congratulations on your new hire!   Now that you are welcoming a new team member,  there are several things you can do to make sure they become more comfortable using AMS360 during their onboarding process.  In addition to teaching them your agency’s own documented best practices and workflows, Vertafore and NetVU (The Network of Vertafore Users)  have some great resources to help with the setup and learning process.  Here are some ways to help ensure they know how to properly use AMS360 and are set up in a way to benefit them and protect the agency.  

When you are setting up a new user in AMS360 (Employee Setup), Kite Technology Group recommends that your agency has their own documented process you follow.  You want to ensure that based on their role within the agency, the user has proper access to the appropriate centers and reports.  For example, if they aren’t in Accounting or Operations they do not need access certain centers such as Financial, Bank or Vendor.   Make sure that for each role in the company, the following set up access is outlined in a document to ensure nothing falls through the cracks:  

  • Security Group Setup Security Group Setup
  • VSSO settings and role appropriate access to My Agency Reports
  • Employee Login Time Access (You are allowed to set-up when they are able to login to AMS360)
  • Signature Authorization access depending on role

Vertafore University is a great resource that has learning plans to help new users learn the system at their own pace and also offers some instructor led courses.  You are able to search for topics and plans depending on the role.  Here is their AMS360 – CSR Learning Plan. In order to sign up for Vertafore University, they will just need to use their VSSO login or request an account from university@vertafore.com.

NetVU is a fantastic place for your new and current employees to gain knowledge, ask questions and share things they’ve learned.  The NetVU Community (NCOM) has very active community forums and there are also webinars you can register for and access past webinars as well.   Everyone with a Vertafore account has access to this community and they just simply need to register.  In one of the NCOM posts, there is great sample training notebook and overview for new hires.   New Hire Onboarding Guide Post. 

Whether they have been in the industry for years or are just starting out, having a solid well documented on-boarding process can help ensure success for your new hire.   The goal should be to make sure that everyone is on the same page with best practices and work flows and a solid training plan to help instill confidence in the new employee and help them become a productive member of the agency for the long term.