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Strategic IT Planning

Outsourcing your IT with a managed IT service provider is about more than just making sure your technology works today. It’s about having a trusted advisor with expertise you can leverage to ensure that your technology is ready to meet your organization’s future needs, growth goals, and objectives. 

When you partner with Kite Technology, you gain access to an entire team of IT professionals ready to address your IT issues of today while, most importantly, preventing the ones of tomorrow. We care for and support your business in the same way we do ours – by staying on top of the latest technology best practices in your industry and strategically planning for future business objectives. Whether you are an insurance agency, nonprofit, or other professional organization, we take the time to become intimately familiar with your business and industry. This enables us to have the valuable insight needed for developing and executing a technology strategy that helps you achieve the superior business performance you deserve.


An IT partner with your company’s best interests in mind

what you can expect when you work with Kite Technology


At KiteTech we recognize that technology is a strategic resource designed to help you accomplish your business goals. We appreciate that we cannot properly advise you on your technology without first understanding your goals. That’s why we take a “listen first” approach to Strategic IT Planning.


We also recognize that you are coming to us because you don’t have all the answers. At KiteTech, our solutions architects pride themselves on understanding the best practices for businesses like yours and how technology is best leveraged to implement these practices. Our solutions architects are constantly staying current on the evolution of technology tools that enable your business to thrive.


Professional services organizations, insurance agencies, law firms, and some non-profits have great flexibility to work from anywhere. Your technology should NOT be the limiting factor in where your employees work. In today’s world this usually means cloud-based solutions that maximize your team’s ability to get work done and collaborate from anywhere.


Our solutions are not “one size fits all”. Many businesses in the fields of manufacturing, distribution, health care and retail do require people to work together in a specific location. Our solution architects recognize these differing requirements and offer solutions that best meet the reality of our clients’ needs.

Security First Approach

Whether your technology is in the cloud, in a local server room, or a hybrid of the two, security is paramount. You need to know that your data is secured and that your technology applications are protected from outside threats. Our solution architects take a “security-first” approach. They simply will not offer a technology solution that they cannot confidently support in a secure manner.


At KiteTech, we recognize that your technology is critical and to provide the tools you require can require significant investment. Our solutions architects understand that a solution that costs more than the value you receive is no solution at all. Consequently, we continuously evaluate the technologies and services we offer to ensure they deliver the value you require at a price point that makes sense. With proper planning, we can help you anticipate investment and establish payment plans to meet your financial objectives.

adam atwell

Adam Atwell

Cloud solutions architect

Adam is passionate about consulting with organizations across the country to help them develop and execute a cloud adoption strategy that meets their business needs and future objectives. Adam oversees and manages our company strategy for Microsoft 365 adoption and is responsible for future growth and development inside Microsoft 365 and other cloud technologies.