How to Streamline Your New Employee Onboarding with Applied Epic

How to Streamline Your New Employee Onboarding with Applied Epic

Hiring a new employee is a significant undertaking, but the work doesn’t end once they join. Effective employee onboarding includes both the process of familiarizing your employees with your organization as well as managing the necessary administrative tasks. Did you know that Applied Epic can help you with that? In this blog post, we share how you can use Epic to better manage your new employee onboarding process.

Applied Client Network Resources for New Employee Onboarding

You can find several resources on the Applied Client Network for New Hire Onboarding. They offer a:

  • New Hire Checklist for Agency Hiring Managers
  • Customizable Onboarding Education Tracker for New Employees
  • Industry and Company Terminology Resources for New Employees template

In addition to these documents there is an entire Communications Template Package with various email and word templates that can be used in communication with your new hire. These documents can be found at (

Managing New Employee Onboarding Tasks with Applied Epic

The Agency Consulting Team here at Kite Technology Group also recommends using Applied Epic to help manage some of the additional tasks that you need to complete for your new employee.

We recommend adding an activity when adding a new employee. This activity may be tied to the event of adding a new account or a manual activity. Once the activity is decided upon, tasks can be added and/or assigned for all the items that need to be done for that new employee. These could include:

  • Adding User Login
  • Adding User to the Security Group
  • Assign the employee’s lookup code to the User
  • Assign/Schedule Reports
  • Process Workload Reassignments
  • Assign access to Carrier Websites
  • Documenting User Access at hire
  • Assigning rights to access other employees’ signatures, activities, tasks or renewals.
  • Assign Applied University Courses or other Training Modules

With a good onboarding process, you can tailor the new hire experience, keep new employees engaged and improve your time to productivity.  A good onboarding program will help to improve your employee retention and retention means less time and money on rehiring and retraining. 

Managing Employee Offboardings

We also recommend creating a manual activity for employee exits. Like employee onboarding, the activity and tasks will be started as soon as HR notifies the employee will be exiting. These tasks will create a checklist that can be shared across a team to ensure that your system access is terminated, and all of the proper procedures are followed upon the employee’s departure.  

Training for Applied Epic Users

Ensuring that your new employees are proficient in Applied Epic is vital for both their success and that of your agency. Applied Epic training that focuses on your agency’s workflows boosts operational efficiency and guarantees consistent, high-quality service. If you don’t have the internal resources to provide training, KiteTech can help. Check out our Applied Epic Resources Page for our collection of on-demand webinars, blog posts, and training videos. 

Our suite of Applied Epic Consulting Services includes customized training solutions for your new employees or those transitioning to a different role. With our expertise, your team will be equipped to harness the full potential of Applied Epic, driving productivity and fostering a culture of excellence. Contact us today to learn more!

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