Feature Highlights from the AMS360 23R2 Update

AMS360 23R2 Update

At the end of July, AMS360 users started to receive the much-anticipated 23R2 update. For those eager to explore the full scope of enhancements, the comprehensive release notes can be found here. There are several exciting and extremely valuable accounting updates included in this release, as well as some other updates that improve the user experience. In this article, we’ve highlighted a few of the feature updates that we are most excited about.

My Expiring Policies/Renewal List Tool

While still a work in progress, this update fixes a major problem. You are now able to see the Parent and Writing Company, which will allow you to have more options, including the ability to sort by carrier, making it easier to categorize renewals.

Bank Transactions API

This is an exciting addition because it now allows banks to develop an API capable of interacting with transactions within AMS360. Down the road, this will prove to be very useful and a significant time-saver. Perhaps, in the future, this will enable the automation of payroll journal entries, and we are hopeful that it will become a reality.

Bank Reconciliation Enhancements

If you’re tired of resizing columns to view all the necessary information while reconciling a bank statement, you’ll be happy to know that now you can see more with bigger grids. Additionally, there are other enhancements, such as additional transaction types and the inclusion of a bank date column to facilitate matching transactions.

Bank Transactions-Bank Reconciliation

This is a significant improvement as it now enables you to import the bank statement CSV file directly into AMS360. This functionality empowers your accounting department to perform automatic matching between accounting transactions and payments or deposits from the bank statement. We always love improvements that help the users save time. It even sparks the idea that there might be an opportunity for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) integration here! 

Acord 25 Mapping (Certificates)

Vertafore has made some behind the scenes changes that help populate the certificate form differently than before. If you have different lines of liability using the General Liability data entry section, the corresponding policy data will map into the other field for lines such as Agriculture Liability (AGLIA) or Professional Liability (PL).

Multiple Ivans Accounts for Single Database ID

If you’ve recently had an acquisition or are planning one soon, this will be very useful as the system now allows you to add multiple IVANS mailboxes in primary and non-primary databases. This means you no longer have to create new business units solely for download setup, making the process much more efficient and streamlined.

Update Certificate Holder Report to Include Additional Columns

For those who run the certificate holder classic report, you’ll be happy to know that more columns have been added to the .csv file, making it even more useful. Now, it includes indicators (Yes/No) for Additional Insureds in GL, Auto, Garage, Garage Keepers, Excess, and Other. Additionally, there are extra columns for Project End Date, Licensed, Bonded, and Changed by. This enhancement proves especially helpful for those in Commercial Lines as it provides an easier snapshot of their clients’ certificate holders’ status.


While the features we covered here are not an exhaustive list, we’ve highlighted some of the key enhancements we believe are essential for you to be aware of. If your agency hasn’t received the update yet, we encourage you to reach out to your agency administrator to inquire about the scheduled update from Vertafore. For agency administrators, if you haven’t been contacted by Vertafore yet, you can reach out to your dedicated Vertafore account manager for further assistance. Stay tuned for even more exciting developments as AMS360 continues to evolve and improve!

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