Data-Driven Performance Reviews: How Applied Epic Reports Can Help

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It’s that time of year when agency management teams are working on performance reviews for their teams. If your agency uses Applied Epic, you are fortunate to have access to a wide range of customizable reports that provide valuable data about employee performance. With the flexibility to modify various criteria such as date ranges, activity codes, and employee selections, you can tailor each report to suit your agency’s specific workflow needs. These reports serve as invaluable tools for assessing employee productivity and adherence to your agency’s workflows. To initiate a report for a performance review for the current calendar year, simply adjust the date range to commence in January 2023, ensuring you have a comprehensive overview of the entire year’s data at your fingertips.

Applied Epic Reports for Performance Reviews

You can find these reports under Reports/Marketing> Activity. Please note that reports with an asterisk (*) behind the name are part of Epic’s new report pack. If your agency does not have these reports, please be sure to contact Applied and have them load the report pack into your database.

Submission Status by Premium Payable Report

This report will show you activities that are associated with activities per submission for premium payables per employee. You can filter the criteria for a certain date range and premium payable.

Standard Workflow – New Business – Policies Entered Report

This report will show you all new business policies entered per employee.

Activity Report

This report will show you all activities with a screenshot of the description. You can filter by activity codes, dates, employee, open or closed. It can give you an idea of the workload per employee assuming they enter and utilize activities.

Activity Analysis by Who/Owner Report*

This report is an overview of certain activity codes that you can choose, either open, closed or both, per employee within a date range, with a highlight on the activity code. This gives you a summary of total number of activities per employee.

Open Activities Analysis by Who/Owner Report*

This report will show how many days an activity has been opened and days overdue.

These reports under: Reports/Marketing>Transaction.

Producer Commission Report

This report will show you the commission for producers. Set the criteria for the year and you can view each producer and their commission for the year.

Accounting Productivity Report

This report shows the number of accounting functions performed per login.


These are just a few of the reports in Applied Epic that can provide valuable data for your performance reviews. Applied Epic has a wide range of reports that can be modified to help you tailor the level of detail to your specific needs. The flexibility to modify each report and layout empowers you to make the most of your data. If you have any questions about reporting in Applied Epic or would like to learn about any of our other Applied Epic Consulting Services, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are here to help!  

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