Applied Epic Dashboards: An Introduction

Applied Epic Dashboards

In October 2023, Applied introduced Epic Dashboards. Applied Systems’ goal with Dashboards is to provide a visual answer to key questions that users have based on their role in the agency. By using Epic Dashboards, agencies can drive efficiency and leverage their data to gain revenue growth.

If you are unfamiliar with Dashboards or what is available in them, this article is for you!

What Are Epic Dashboards?

Epic Dashboards are available to agencies with an Applied Analytics license. These Dashboards provide visual charts and graphs of agency data based on the user’s role without granting full access to Analytics.

Tip: These are often confused with the Opportunities Dashboard on the Home Screen.

How Do I Grant User Access?

Under Configure > Security > Logins, assign Dashboards Access. Data Consumer will allow your user(s) to view the Dashboards within the Applied Epic environment. Data Consumer With Download will allow them to also download the data.

Under User Personalization, simply check the box next to the role the user performs within the agency. There are different dashboards available for each role, so it is important to only grant access to relevant data.  

Tip: Any user identified as Principal/Owner will have access to all available Dashboards.

What Information Is in Each User's Dashboard?

With nearly 30 different modules available, you must assign the proper roles to each user. The table below shows the various items available in each role’s dashboard set.

Tip: You cannot edit the roles, so be careful to select only those that are relevant to the user.

Applied Epic Dashboard Information by Role

How Is Data Displayed?

There are various tiles providing a visual representation of the data available. Clicking into any one of the tiles drills down and displays the information that is included in that tile. Use the filters at the top of the page to slice the data.

Tip: Once the filter(s) are selected, click the Update button to refresh the view.

Can I Get a Report of the Data?

With Download access granted, users can download the data in several formats: TXT, Excel Spreadsheet, CSV, JSON, HTML, Markdown, and PNG. Options include the ability to download results with visualizations options applied or as displayed in the data table. Values can also be formatted or unformatted (no rounding, special characters, etc.) and include either the current table or a custom number of rows.

Why Does My Data Look Wrong?

It is important to understand that like with any report or reporting tool available, the result is heavily dependent on the data that is in your system. While Dashboards are a great tool to help identify cleanup needed or data integrity issues, it will only be with solid workflows and accurate data recording that these dashboards will return valid data. 

For more information about how to clean up your Applied Epic Accounting data, watch our helpful webinar, Performing an Accounting Fresh Start in Applied Epic

Have More Questions about Applied Epic Dashboards?

Harnessing the power of Applied Epic Dashboards will help your agency better leverage your data to drive efficiencies. Armed with more information about how to give your users access, what data each role has access to, and how to download copies of your reports, you’re in a better spot to start your Epic Dashboard journey. 

If you have any questions about Applied Epic dashboards or other Applied Epic questions, the Agency Consultants here at Kite Technology would be happy to work with you! Contact us today to start a conversation! 

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