6 Ways an Applied Epic Consultant can Benefit your Insurance Agency

business meeting with consultant

Insurance agencies have an abundance of daily responsibilities on their plates – those can include keeping up with renewals, making sure endorsements are processed promptly, getting policies checked and sent out to insured and keeping up with client relationships. Of course, an agency’s obligations do not stop there, so it can be challenging to delegate the time for crucial operational tasks such as updating and maintaining your agency management system. Because this is the primary component for operating your agency efficiently and avoiding E&O exposure, that is where an Applied Epic Consultant can provide value. Whether you are currently using Applied Epic or are migrating in the future, a consultant can handle those essential responsibilities that ensure you are maximizing the use of your Epic database.

Below are some examples of how working with a consultant can be beneficial to your agency:

1. Create or Update your Applied Epic Workflows

Workflows are how an agency uniquely uses Applied Epic to its advantage. Standardized workflows are vital to the agency’s operations and should assist in creating efficiency and accurate use of the system. Those workflows should also be maintained and updated routinely with the installation of regular updates received by Applied. An agency consultant can work with your agency to develop custom workflows and make sure they are updated as needed.

2. Custom Reports Management

Reports provide valuable information about your Epic data. When run regularly, they help identify data discrepancies, provide a list of policies upcoming for renewal, track your Book of Business, and more. Reports also assist with reducing your E&O risk when reviewed frequently, which is why they should be set up, scheduled to run, and delivered to the appropriate people within your agency. Leveraging the appropriate reports assists with auditing your agency by identifying missing or incorrect data, further reducing your E&O risk. Building custom reports is a great task to delegate to an Applied Epic  consultant as it can a time-consuming to set up. A consultant can also provide training on report setup and scheduling and perform audits for your agency.

3. Employee Training

The process of migrating to Applied Epic includes educating all current employees on using and navigating the new system. But what happens when you hire new employees who will then need training on your Epic system and workflows? Or what if current employees can benefit from additional coaching? An agency consultant can step in and provide training if you do not have the capacity or a dedicated trainer in your agency. A consultant can also provide additional training during the initial migration or when you implement new standardized workflows.

4. Epic Migration and Optimization Assistance

During the Epic conversion process, you will need to make numerous configuration decisions for the agency in a system that is all new to you. A consultant specializing in Applied Epic can provide valuable insight and guide you through options in configuration based on your agency’s needs. After migration, many agencies find that they could benefit from additional optimization assistance to further increase efficiency – an Applied Epic consultant can look at your Epic system to find inconsistencies and make suggestions on optimizing your use of Epic.

5. Accounting Assistance

Applied Epic has sophisticated accounting capabilities and procedures that can be challenging to fully utilize and understand. If you are not currently using these features in Epic and would like to but don’t know where to start, an Applied Epic consultant can assist with transitioning your accounting processes and provide training. Just as a consultant assists with training servicing staff, they can also train new accounting staff based on your agency’s unique workflows. Accurately entering accounting information is key to getting reliable reports from your database. If you are unsure about the accuracy of your accounting, working with a consultant can go a long way in improving your agency’s accounting processes.

5. Applied Epic Integrations

Numerous beneficial software integrations are available with unique features that can further boost your agency’s operations and efficiency. Learning more about these products and incorporating them within your agency is another example of how a consultant can work with your agency. To learn more about some of the more popular Applied Epic integrations, check out our previous article.

When implementing Applied Epic in your agency, it is crucial to ensure that you are not only getting the most out of your investment but are doing so correctly and efficiently. With all the daily responsibilities that agencies balance, it can be challenging to prioritize tasks like those mentioned above. An Applied Epic consultant can help guide you towards the best options for your agency and serve as an additional resource to ensure your Epic system is set up and maintained to your agency’s standards and needs. 

If you have questions about Kite Technology’s Agency Consulting Services or would like assistance regarding any of the engagements mentioned above, email us at consult@kitetechgroup.com to schedule a complimentary consultation today. We look forward to learning more about your agency’s needs and how we might be able to help.