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Wednesday, April 19 | 2 pm ET

Presenter: Michael Trouillon

Session Length: 1 hour

Learn valuable tips for increasing your efficiency in AMS360

Whether you’ve been using AMS360 for years or your agency just recently migrated, there is always room to improve and grow your skills. In our next webinar we’ll provide valuable strategies to help you maximize your productivity in AMS360. From automating routine tasks to improving data entry and leveraging the latest features, we’ll be sharing expert advice for how you can get more done in less time.

Hosted by Michael Trouillon, Senior AMS360 Consultant at Kite Technology, this session will help you supercharge your AMS360 workflows and take your efficiency to the next level. What you learn will help you feel more confident, return time to your team, and reduce the frustration that a system as complex as AMS360 often causes.

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Session Level: Basic

Audience: All AMS360 users and administrators

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Join the webinar to learn how to:

  • Customize your Home Center and simplify your view
  • Save clicks with shortcuts
  • Enter data more efficiently
  • Find the information you need, faster

About KiteTech

About our Presenter

Michael Trouillon
Senior AMS360 Consultant

Join us for Boosting Your Efficiency in AMS360 – Strategies for Working Smarter & Faster!

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