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Developing an Effective Security Awareness Program

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Did you know that 81% of all reported data breaches are directly related to employee credentials? So how do you avoid becoming a statistic?  It's by creating a highly engaging Security Awareness Program that educates your users on everything they need to know about recognizing and avoiding cyber threats.  Join us for the webinar as we discuss  the key elements of an effective Security Awareness Program and how you can implement one in your organization.  

Join the Webinar to Learn About:

  • Today's security trends and threats

  • The key elements of a Security Awareness Program

  • Training topics to include in your program

  • Best practices to keep your program relevant and effective.

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Jason Gobbel
Chief Solutions Officer
Kite Technology Group

Jason consults with businesses across the country on the topics of cloud adoption, security posture and strategic planning.

Dillon Fornaro
Dillon Fornaro

Security Engineer

Kite Technology Group

Dillon implements and manages business security programs and provides best practice compliance guidance.

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