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Cybersecurity crime is now one of the largest industries worldwide, costing companies a combined $100-billion or more each year. Small and midsized businesses are preferred targets because these attacks are automated, allowing criminals to easily infiltrate them every day with viruses and ransomware.


Often, SMBs are just an entry point into a larger, more lucrative target, like a vendor or client. Traditional security standards like Firewalls and Antivirus are simply not enough to protect your business from vulnerabilities like data theft, lost laptops, viruses and malware.


Kite Technology utilizes a comprehensive, multi-layered approach that ensures your business is protected, in line with best practices and meeting regulatory compliance.

Our Cybersecurity Services are designed to provide organizations 24x7 cybersecurity threat detection and compliance reporting. Our services include automated consolidation, correlation, and analysis of security events across your entire network coupled with manual daily reviews performed by security analysts in our Security Operations Center (SOC). The result is instant notifications to the support team when cybersecurity threats are detected, plus human oversight to find hidden threats and trends that a fully automated system can’t detect on its own. 

The advanced automation available with today’s technology allows us to monitor every critical device in your environment. No other solution provides a comprehensive, cost-effective cybersecurity monitoring solution with full compliance support that is completely integrated with support from a trusted managed service provider.


Kite Technology's Cybersecurity Services include:

  • Firewall & Network Monitoring, Support and Maintenance

  • Email Security

  • AV / Malware Protection & Remediation

  • Enhanced Endpoint Security

  • Security Awareness Training

  • Risk Assessments

  • Vulnerability Scanning

  • Enhanced DNS Security

  • Dark Web Monitoring

  • Enhanced Endpoint Security

For additional information on how Kite Technology's managed security services can help you protect your most valuable assets and ensure regulatory compliance, please contact us at 855-290-KITE.

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