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Secure Your Business:  Top Cybersecurity Concerns and Cyber Insurance 101


Cybercrime has evolved into a global pandemic. The hackers are relentless, the attacks are sophisticated, and the ransoms continue to climb. With no end in sight, it’s important that businesses today arm themselves for the fight! 


Join us for a dynamic discussion with Cybersecurity Professional Jason Gobbel and Proactive Risk Executive Brian Mahon and learn how to fortify your cybersecurity strategy and protect your business!

Join the webinar to learn about:

  • Cybersecurity trends and how COVID-19 has changed the threat landscape 

  • Actionable takeaways and best practices to better safeguard your business from hackers

  • How cyber-insurance fits into your cybersecurity strategy


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Jason Gobbel

Chief Solutions Officer
Kite Technology Group
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Brian Mahon, CIC

Senior Proactive Risk Executive
Keller Stonebraker Insurance
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