Optimizing Applied Epic

By Kellie Uhlhorn, Consultant, Kite Technology Group

Maybe your insurance agency has used Applied Epic for quite some time or maybe you just migrated to it recently. No matter how long you’ve been using Epic, there are many tips and tricks that will help you navigate it more effectively. Taking a few minutes learning the ins and outs of Epic may save you hours in the long run. Here’s 5 tips that will help you better navigate Epic:


Your agency already sets certain system defaults, but did you know that there are still options that you can set as an individual user? Defaults range from setting Servicing Roles to the Agency Structure in a policy application. For example, if you are a Commercial Lines Account Manager, you can set a default so that every time you add a new account, the Format will default to ‘Business’ and the Type of Business will default to ‘Commercial’. Refer to your Welcome Packet for more information about the different default options and how to set them.


When attaching correspondences and documents in Epic, it is important to include a detailed description of what each attachment contains. Proper descriptions allow you to retrieve information quicker without opening multiple attachments to find what you are seeking. Each attachment includes a comments section allowing you to add more information, if you run out of characters in the description field. Ideally, you should be able to identify the contents of an attachment without opening it. Your colleagues will appreciate it too, when they cover your desk while you are away!


Keeping information organized provides another way to find information quicker and keep your accounts looking clean. You can accomplish this using Folders and Sub-Folders. Filtering your attachments by Folder View will show you the folders your agency has set up for you to use. Associating attachments to the correct Folders and Sub-Folders keeps related information together and cuts down on the need to use the Search bar. For example, if you need to provide a Statement of Values spreadsheet to an underwriter, you would be able to find it quickly if it is attached in the ‘Statement of Values’ Folder/Sub-Folder. When information is organized, it is a lot easier to maintain and navigate through an account.


The Access Drop-Down menu changes depending on what screen you are on but has prompts that filter information a lot quicker. Say you are on the Policies screen with a specific policy highlighted. Clicking on the Access menu will give you options to pull up information pertaining to that specific policy. It can take you to the policy’s specific attachments, transactions, activities, etc. You can also highlight a specific attachment and find the associated activity.


It is important to input policy details into its application in Epic and keep these applications updated throughout the policy term. They should contain premium & commission, limits, deductibles, locations, vehicles, important endorsements, etc. Keeping the applications updated allows you to do a variety of tasks more quickly. Examples include: issuing certificates or Auto ID cards and tracking endorsement history and billing. It also cuts down on time spent reading through a policy to verify coverage information.

So, do you already apply all the tips mentioned above? If so, great! If not, this checklist is a great place to start! You will find over time that using these tips will become second nature resulting in improved performance and better overall account structure.

If you would like some help with optimizing your agency's use of Applied Epic and taking advantage of all the features it offers, give us a call at 855-290-KITE or visit our website to learn more about our Applied Epic Optimization Services.

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