vCIO Services

Leveraging a vCIO provides your organization the ability to be strategic and focus on the innovative technology solutions that will maximize business performance, maturity and growth. At Kite Technology, we are proud to offer vCIO services that will enable your organization to achieve the results you desire by uniting the vCIO’s knowledge, experience and proven process with the desires and business objectives of your business.

Your KiteTech vCIO will:
  1. Understand business goals and needs of your organization
  2. Create and guide a technology strategy and plan
  3. Select a technology stack​
  4. Create the annual IT budget
  5. Provide regular technology updates to the Executive Team
  6. Organize and manages the IT team and IT vendors
What differentiates KiteTech's vCIO services?
  1. We know and understand your industry
  2. Possess advanced skills and experience with cloud solutions
  3. Understand business concepts
  4. Provide communication at the C Level
  5. Possess a “Client Advocate” mentality
  6. Understand and participate in financial and investment discussions
  7. Have expertise with Managed Services and the Technology Stack
  8. Possess experience with Technical Management and Operations.

A vCIO is able to become a remote asset for your business, bringing a laser focus and a great deal of targeted knowledge that will drive technology initiatives.

For additional information on how Kite Technology’s vCIO services can help your organization, please contact us.