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Applied Epic Optimization

At Kite Technology, we understand that migrating to Applied Epic can be a significant undertaking for any insurance agency. That’s why our consulting team is here to help you optimize your system and improve your operational efficiency. We’ll work with you to identify any issues that arise after migration and help you resolve them quickly and effectively.

Despite the best planning, a system migration of this magnitude invariably includes unexpected surprises. However, by partnering with Kite Technology, you can mitigate the short-term pain and start realizing the long-term benefits of your investment much more quickly.

We recommend an Epic optimization approximately six months after migration and after every major release. This will help ensure that your system is always operating at peak performance, and that you’re taking full advantage of the latest features and functionality available.

Our consulting team has deep industry knowledge and expertise, enabling us to provide customized solutions that meet the unique needs of your agency. Contact us today to learn more about our Epic optimization services, and how we can help your agency transform its operations and drive meaningful results.


Applied Epic is a versatile platform that’s designed to serve the needs of various organizations within the insurance industry, including independent insurance agencies, MGAs, MGUs, insurance carriers, brokers, and benefits agencies. However, to ensure that the platform works effectively for your specific business needs, optimizing Epic is crucial.

By optimizing Epic, you can customize the platform to fit your agency’s unique workflows, processes, and objectives. This flexibility enables you to streamline your operations and increase productivity while providing your team with the tools they need to succeed. Additionally, optimizing Epic allows you to make data-driven decisions by gaining insights into your operations through advanced reporting and analytics capabilities.


Learn about Kite Technology's Applied Epic Optimization Services

If your agency has been using Applied Epic for any amount of time, you have an opportunity to optimize your system and utilize many of the key features that increase efficiency and productivity. Hear from KiteTech’s Director of Agency Consulting, Lauren Roberts on how you can determine if it’s time to optimize your Applied system and how we can help. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to start the conversation. We would love the opportunity to learn more about your agency and help you get the most from your Applied Epic investment.

Getting started with an Applied Epic Optimization – The Assessment

One of the ways we determine your agency’s optimization needs is by conducting an initial assessment that helps us get a better understanding of how you use Epic for:

  • An overview of your agency operations

  • Lines of business (commercial P&C, personal P&C, benefits, etc.), verticals, and target markets

  • Organization structure, key team members and roles within your agency

  • Integrations and third-party tools you are using or plan to implement

  • Pain points and challenges that must be addressed to meet your business objectives

As part of the assessment we also review your Epic database, audit your transaction activity, and execute various Epic system reports to determine: 

  • Key configuration settings
  • Typical workflows
  • Data and process issues
  • Consistency of your processes across team members
  • Accounting configuration and practices

Based on our findings, we will make recommendations on areas in Epic that your agency should optimize. 

Examples of Applied Epic Optimization Engagements

The power of Epic lies in customizing it to make it work for your agency’s unique needs, not using it out-of-the-box. No two optimization engagements are exactly the same as they are developed to address your agency’s specific needs. Below are some examples of optimizations engagements:

These are just a few examples of ways that our consulting team can help your agency optimize your Applied Epic system and help you improve operational efficiency and results. 

To learn more about our services, please reach out using the contact form on this page or send us an email at We are eager to learn more about your agency and see how we can help! 

How Kite Helped This Agency Streamline their Workflow with Applied Epic Optimization

With so many options for office productivity software, it can be difficult for insurance agencies to choose the right one. It’s very tempting to try them all. That’s what a client in Texas found when they got in touch with us recently. They were using ImageRight, QuickBooks and HubSpot, and they had all the Epic activities turned on. They felt their operational efficiency could be better and wanted to help employees streamline their workflow.

Since we work with various insurance agencies through our consulting services, we knew the agency’s staff could both streamline and simplify their processes. Through the optimization of their Applied Epic system, we identified current redundancies and formulated a plan to increase speed and efficiency agency-wide. To ensure we were offering a truly personalized result, we sat down with each account manager and watched them work. We identified problem spots and visible bottlenecks, as well as their most frequently used events and activities, putting all the others in the background. This cut down on repetitive work for front-end staff. We also worked with account managers on advanced reporting, so they could take advantage of the most useful Epic reports.

The result was a streamlined workflow that automated repetitive tasks and boosted operational efficiency. We’ve even been asked back to work with their accounting staff to implement Epic, moving everything into one easily accessible hub.


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