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Applied Epic Proposals and custom forms

Applied Epic proposals and custom Forms

Insurance can be overwhelming; your proposal documents do not have to be. While Applied Epic comes loaded with standard proposal templates and summaries, these documents may not reflect your agency’s unique business needs or styling and are difficult for the standard user to update. Often, we see agencies adopt a template that is not integrated with Epic leaving your staff to spend unnecessary time manually creating these documents and at the same time opening the agency up to unwanted errors & omissions exposure. 

Our consultants understand the importance of branding and setting yourself apart from the competition while maintaining consistency, best practices, and document integrity. That is why we are here to help you.

Let us take the hard work of customizing your proposal documents, so you can focus on doing what you do best, servicing your clients!

We can adapt existing Epic Proposal and Summary of Insurance templates with your agency’s branding.

You can provide our team with an existing document design and we can create and integrate it with Epic.

If you desire something new and unique to your agency, we can work with you to design a new custom template set just for you!

We can import template sets designed by our team into your database and update them with your agency’s branding.

How KiteTech Can Help!

Our products are available for Commercial, Personal or Agri Lines of Coverage. Each product below is sold á la carte giving you the flexibility to only purchase what you need!


These templates show coverages, limits, deductibles, and endorsements. They also include the “fluff” such as Disclaimers, A.M. Best Summary, Premium Summaries and more.


Summaries of Insurance

Summary of Insurance Documents are often kept short and simple. They include your coverages, limits and deductibles; however exclude endorsement schedules and “fluff” found in proposals.

Pre-Renewal Reviews

Do you need a document that can be used to review current exposures as well as recommend additional coverages for quote/purchase? Pre-renewal Review Documents are your answer!

Additional Customization Services

Custom Forms

Do you write a non-standard coverage and need a custom form built? Do you have a custom form built but need to integrate it with a proposal template? We can do that!

Fixed Templates

Do you want to include carrier enhancement summaries? We can create those with the same proposal format, eliminating manual work for your staff.


Do you have different business niches with different needs? We can adapt the template to give all your niches a consistent look while delivering unique coverages.


We can train your staff on how use the new proposal templates while providing Word Tips and Tricks to ease the transition.

Did you know?

Our Process


Meet with leadership and team leads to determine your agency’s goals and needs.


Our team will compare your agency’s goals and needs to the standard template to determine the scope of work.

Approval and Customization

Once the scope of work is approved, our team will begin the customization project.


A copy of the template will be loaded and a virtual demo will be provided. With final approval, training can be scheduled, if needed.

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