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Applied Epic Accounting Services and Training

Applied Epic Accounting Services & Training

At KiteTech, our Consulting team’s goal is ensuring that our clients get the most out of their Applied Epic investment. One of the main benefits of implementing Applied Epic as your Agency Management system is that there are many functionalities, either built-in or available as an integrated program, keeping everything in one system and mitigating the need to utilize a non-Applied program.

When it comes to accounting, if you are still using an outside program like Quickbooks, Freshbooks, or Xero, you may want to consider merging your information into your agency management system (see our blog article Transitioning Your Accounting Practices From QuickBooks to Applied Epic on ways to help with this transition). Applied Epic includes many of the same processes that other outside accounting software programs have, and provides better tracking of client, carrier and broker receivables while also providing you with reporting functionalities for paying commissions.

How KiteTech Can Help!

Epic Fresh Start

Accounting Training

Forensic Accounting

Outsourced Bookkeeping

Applied Epic Fresh Start

If you migrated to Epic and found that you stumbled through the Accounting side of things, you may find that you are not getting the most accurate reports; balance may look off, or there may be outstanding Premium Payables that look due that were paid but never reflected in the system. If you have a lot of old data, it may be time for an Epic Fresh Start. We can perform a partial or total fresh start depending on your agency’s needs. We will work with you to determine the best course of action and perform the fresh start to clear out the bad data so that, going forward, you will be able to report on more accurate information.

Applied Epic Accounting Training

Like all areas of Applied Epic, Accounting and General Ledger require training to be able to fully understand and utilize properly. It is imperative to remember that when a Transaction is created against a policy in Epic, the process does not end there – there are multiple other procedures within General Ledger that need to take place to ensure accurate reporting, clean month-end bank reconciliation, and proper tracking of funds to and from your clients and carriers. 

We can provide Accounting training for new accounting employees, when migrating to Epic, refresher training if you have recently optimized your system or updated your workflows, and when fresh start is completed to ensure better habits related to accounting are implemented going forward. Our Accounting training services include:

Applied Epic Forensic Accounting and Cleanup

If your agency has been using Applied Epic accounting and you are finding that your financial reports are not accurate, we can help. By performing an Accounting Forensic Evaluation of your General Ledger account balances, we will identify discrepancies and workflow errors. Following the evaluation, we’ll develop a plan to assist your agency with the cleanup that is required. 

Our Applied Epic Accounting Forensic Evaluation includes:

  • A review of your balance sheet and income statement.
  • Utilization of status of accounts reports to discover issues with general ledger balances.
  • Comparative analysis of your general ledger to your monthly accounting reports.
  • A review of your workflows to identify processes that are negatively affecting your accounting data.
  • Analysis of company, broker, Pr/Br configuration and commission agreements.

Are you concerned about the accuracy and integrity of your Applied Epic accounting records? Our Applied Epic Accounting Forensic Evaluation can help you identify potential issues and ensure that your financial records are accurate and up to date.

Contact us today to schedule your Applied Epic Accounting Forensic Evaluation and ensure the financial integrity of your insurance agency.


Outsourced Applied Epic Bookkeeping

If you find that your agency does not have the proper bandwidth when it relates to accounting, you can outsource this position to us! Our consultants can step in to reconcile and record all or partial accounting-related information for you. Our Outsourced Applied Epic Bookkeeping Services are customizable to your agency’s needs and include but are not limited to:

  • Entry of Receipts, Disbursements, and Journal Entries
  • Direct Bill Commission Reconciliation
  • Premium Payable Reconciliation
  • Vendor Payables
  • Producer/Broker Payables
  • Month-End Bank Reconciliation
  • Accounting Management Reports
  • Regular Scheduled Meetings

Click here to learn more about Kite Technology’s Outsourced Applied Epic Bookkeeping Services. Ready to schedule a conversation? Contact us now!

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