Case Study: Managed IT Services for California Independent Insurance Agency

IT Services for Insurance Agency case study

An independent insurance agency using AMS360 and located in San Fransisco, California hired Kite Technology Group for managed IT services. They handle the server, provide support, and modernize security procedures.  Currently, they’re migrating the system to Microsoft 365.

Project Details

The Client

Introduce your business and what you do there.

I’m the Operations and Marketing Manager at an independent insurance agency in San Fransisco, California.

The Challenge

What challenge were you trying to address with Kite
Technology Group?

We needed a new managed IT service partner to handle our IT needs because our previous provider wasn’t performing as they should have been.

The Approach

What was the scope of their involvement?

Kite Technology Group is our IT managed service provider. They manage our server, provide day-to-day technical support for our computers, and modernize our security procedures and setups. First, they completed a network assessment, analyzing where we were; they poked around the server and asked questions. From there, they developed a comprehensive outline of our system’s status and created an action plan with items in red, yellow, and green according to urgency. They shipped new equipment to us, and then one of their teammates flew in to install it. The team has also upgraded our firewall and made other necessary security upgrades. 

They work with Vertafore, which is our agency management system. The team has also helped with our new phone system. Kite Technology Group has completed all critical items, and they’re currently migrating us to Microsoft 365. The goal is for us not to rely on the physical server and be able to access everything needed for day-to-day business through Microsoft 365 directly.

What is the team composition?

We’ve worked with at least five different people from Kite Technology Group. In the beginning, I worked with the VP of Business Development and their CSO did our network assessment. Since then, we’ve worked with a project engineer, a client experience manager and a security engineer. We’ve also been in contact with different day-to-day tech support representatives.

How did you come to work with Kite Technology Group?

I discovered them on NetVU, which is a community of Vertafore users. I interviewed several vendors both local and around the country. Kite Technology Group was the provider I felt most comfortable with and the best match.

What is the status of this engagement? 

We started working together in January 2022 and the engagement is ongoing. 

The Outcome 

What evidence can you share that demonstrates the impact of the engagement?  

Everyone in our company has been so much happier since we started working with Kite Technology Group. Our previous provider wasn’t giving us adequate support; we’d go around in circles with them and their techs weren’t the most knowledgeable. That engagement got to the point where I stopped reaching out for support, and I was wasting time researching how to fix issues on my own. Meanwhile, Kite Technology Group is capable, helpful, and knowledgeable. Our office has daily conversations about how much we love their service.  The team resolves issues quickly once we submit a ticket. Although we don’t have the exact data showing how much time we save, office morale has improved; we no longer dread reaching out for support when there’s an issue. 

Kite Technology Group has also improved our efficiency, and we don’t have potential security issues like before. They give us peace of mind because we’re confident in their ability to fix things and in them as advisors. Moreover, the team is pleasant to work with; they’re positive and encouraging. I can’t say enough good things about them; I only regret that I didn’t go to them sooner. 

How did Kite Technology Group perform from a project management standpoint? 

We had a couple of initial Teams meetings with the CSO and VP of Business Development, where we went over the project’s priorities, our concerns, and availability. Then, we scheduled the day when they came down to install new equipment. Now, we primarily keep in touch through email and phone, and they always communicate well

What did you find most impressive about them? 

Sometimes during a sale, providers promise certain things that, as clients, we doubt will be the reality. Kite Technology Group has gone above and beyond all their promises in that initial sales process. They’ve been helpful and willing to fix anything. In the beginning, when we had many questions, they worked after hours to address all of them and figure things out. Overall, Kite Technology Group has been fantastic. 

Are there any areas they could improve? 

I can’t think of anything they need to do better. Of course, not everything is perfect since we’re dealing with technology. Although we’ve had some bumps in the road, we can tell that they’re trying to work on it. Besides, I blame those bumps on being behind the times due to our previous provider.

Summary of Project Feedback

Clutch Client RatingKite Technology Group’s work is fantastic; they’re knowledgeable, efficient, helpful, and encouraging, giving the client peace of mind. The team is organized and communicates effectively via email and phone calls. Moreover, they’re easy to work with, and they’ve gone above and beyond every promise.

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