Streamline Your Renewals Process with
AMS360's "My Expiring Policies"

Presenter: Michael Trouillon, Senior AMS360 Consultant

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Manage and process your renewals more efficiently with "my Expiring policies" and renewal list tool in ams360

Many insurance agencies have yet to take advantage of a powerful tool that’s part of their AMS360 system – My Expiring Policies & Renewal List Tool. These tools give your agency the ability to process renewals more efficiently by providing you a centralized location for viewing, monitoring, and managing the entire renewal process from start to finish.

Like most other areas in AMS360, My Expiring Policies & Renewal List Tool can be configured and customized to meet your agency’s unique needs. By providing a comprehensive view of policies that are approaching their renewal dates and their status, the renewal management view enables your team to prioritize the renewals that require attention – enabling your team to manage renewals efficiently and proactively.

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Hosted by KiteTech’s Senior AMS360 Consultant, Michael Trouillon, this webinar will provide tips for configuring and implementing My Expiring Policies & Renewal List Tool in your agency. With Michael’s expertise, you’ll learn how to use these tools to better manage renewals, improve workflow efficiency, and save valuable time and resources. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your renewal process and optimize your agency’s productivity.

watch the webinar to learn:

  • Key benefits of using My Expiring Policies & Renewal List Tool
  • Best practices for configuring My Expiring Policies & Renewal List Tool for your agency
  • How management and staff can use My Expiring Policies & Renewal List Tool in lieu of expiration reports

Session Level: Basic

Audience: Owners, Managers, Operations, Account Managers

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