Leveraging AMS360 to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

Providing proactive and efficient customer service is essential for building strong and lasting relationships with your customers. After all, as customers ourselves, we know how frustrating it can be to receive slow or reactive responses from the organizations we do business with.

Implementing time-saving best practices and leveraging the powerful tools within your AMS360 management system can help you take your customer service to the next level, giving you a significant competitive advantage in the industry.

Here are two key strategies that you can utilize with AMS360 to deliver exceptional customer service:

1. Ditch the notepad and take notes directly in AMS360

When you answer a phone call, chances are you’re reaching for a pen and notepad to jot down information. But then what do you do with those notes? If you’re not shredding them, you could be risking sensitive information. Plus, manually entering notes into AMS360 after the call is time-consuming and inefficient. Also, very often we are moving from one call to another with no “break” in between. This often results in not having time to do the activity after the call has ended.

Why not streamline the process by opening a new activity to capture notes directly in AMS360? Just use that quick access at the top of most screens. This way, you can avoid the double work of creating paper notes and then transferring them to AMS360 later. And if you’re working remotely, it’s even more important to avoid paper notes that could be misplaced or seen by unauthorized individuals.

AMS260 Quick Access

Remember that you can enter the customer name later by using the “Search” button in the activity.

AMS360 Activity

In today’s busy world, efficiency is key to not only providing exceptional customer service but also enabling you to experience higher productivity at work. By streamlining your processes and optimizing how you use AMS360, you can ensure that your clients receive responsive, timely, and efficient service.

2. The AMS360 Proactive Triangle View – An innovative approach to delivering outstanding customer service.

The Proactive Triangle View is a simple but effective way of keeping track of important details for each customer interaction. By focusing on three key areas – Balance, Activity, and Suspense – we can ensure that we are fully prepared for each conversation and able to deliver the best possible service.

  • Balance – Check to see if there are any open invoices or outstanding bills that you can bring up in the conversation to address any questions or concerns the customer may have. This helps to build trust and ensure that all financial matters are being properly handled. For example, ““I notice that the invoice for the recent new truck is open. Do you have any questions regarding that?”
  • Activity – Checking recent activity on the account can help you understand the context of the call and any issues that the customer may be experiencing. By staying up to date on recent activity, we can better anticipate the customer’s needs and provide proactive solutions. See my story below about how doing this completely changed (for the positive) a situation.
  • Suspense – Review Suspense items to see what else may be pending. This could include items like underwriting requests, signed applications, or other important documents. By addressing these items while on the phone, we can save yourself and the customer time and hassle by ensuring that everything is being properly handled.

Proactive customer service means anticipating your clients’ needs and taking action before issues arise. By being proactive, you can deliver exceptional service by helping your clients save time, reduce costs, and avoid potential problems.

The Proactive Triangle View in Action

Let me share a story with you that perfectly illustrates the value of the Proactive Triangle View.

When I was VP of Operations at an agency, I was transferred to a call from Tony at ABC Co, who I was told was “very upset”. Tony and I had spoken before, but the representative on his account was on vacation. Before I picked up the phone, I quickly reviewed the account details using the Proactive Triangle View.

Thanks to the information I gathered, I knew exactly why Tony was calling – he needed his Texas Cert. So, when I answered the phone, I confidently greeted him and said, “Good morning, Tony, I bet you’re calling about your Texas Cert.” The relief in his voice was palpable – I heard a moment of silence and then an exhale (of the energy he had) and in a very friendly voice he replied, “Yes I am, what is happening?”  I was then able to communicate to Tony that we were on top of the situation and that we had his best interests at heart.

By taking these extra few steps, I was able to turn a potentially difficult situation into a positive experience for both the customer and the agency. By implementing the Proactive Triangle View in your own agency, you can do the same. So why not take a few extra minutes before each call to gather all the relevant details and be fully prepared? The benefits in terms of improved customer relationships and time saved are well worth it.

If you would like to learn more about Kite Technology’s AMS360 Consulting Services, please contact us to schedule a conversation. We’d love the opportunity to learn more about your agency and how we can help you get the most from your AMS360 investment.

Michael Trouillon

Michael Trouillon

Senior AMS360 Consultant
Kite Technology Group