Employee Training


Implementation of a new agency management system is stressful.  The amount of information and crash training can overwhelm even your best employees.  Given this, many agencies find that providing additional training after activation is extremely beneficial.  We recommend providing additional training 4-6 months after activation when your staff has had a chance to acclimate to the new system but may not be working as efficiently as they could be.  Workflow training done after activation results in better retention and increased productivity.


​Kite Technology's consulting team can provide onsite and remote employee training that will complement and reinforce the training provided during implementation.


Training sessions can focus on a combination of topics including but not limited to:


  • Streamlined Workflows

  • Advanced Reporting

  • Efficiently Managing Policies

  • How to use the Service Summary Rows

  • Quicker Activity and Attachment Filtering using the Access Icon and Search Functions

  • System Administration


For additional information about the types of training we can provide your agency, please complete the form or call us at 855-290-KITE.

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